Durham Chinese School  

Ghosts Story Project

This project was run with the help of Durham City Arts and the financial support of Awards for All. The "Hungry Ghosts Festival" occurred on 30th August 2004, shortly before the new term began and was followed by an intensive course during the Autumn Term which overlapped with the European festival of Halloween. The aim of the project was to make all children attending the school familiar with the rich legacy of Chinese ghost stories and tales of the supernatural. Durham City Arts assisted with a number of special sessions in the early part of the project and provided use of media equipment to achieve this. In addition to special sessions the theme of ghost stories and the supernatural was explored in the school's Gong Fu and Dance classes, in its music and in its language teaching as well.
The use of the theme was perhaps best illustrated in the performances at the school's celebrations of the New Year of the Rooster (see separate report). Everyone involved enjoyed learning about the stories and traditions even the young children who enjoyed being rabbits on the Moon and nobody seemed to be too frightened by the subject.

Philip Cordery
5th August 2005